TSO Chapters

Would you like to establish a Tennis Serves Others (TSO) Chapter at your local club or in a specific city? Expanding our chapters will unite more tennis enthusiasts and broaden our charitable impact. This presents an excellent chance to contribute to the community, forge new tennis connections, and provides an enriching leadership experience. If TSO events are scarce in your region or club, and you’re keen on initiating a new TSO chapter, kindly fill out the form provided below.


Tennis Serves Others is a growing organization that is governed by Chapters and a Corporate Board. TSO brings together women from various tennis skill levels and different clubs within a community, establishing a unique charitable team. Each new chapter enhances our capacity to assist individuals, families, and other charitable organizations. This presents an opportunity to cultivate new friendships, uniting around our shared passions for tennis and community service.

Tennis Serves Others (TSO) Chapters are governed by Chapter by-laws:

  • Each TSO Chapter is managed by the Chapter Board of Directors consisting of three to seven board positions such as TSO Chapter President, Membership Chair, Beneficiary Chair, Events Chair, and a Tennis Soles for Other Chair. Chapter boards meet every other month to plan events, discuss service projects and other pertinent Chapter matters.
  • Each Chapter is responsible for holding at least two charity round robins, one service project and two membership meetings for honorary chapter members.
  • Chapters seek to promote, assist, enhance and further TSO’s mission – to unite ladies in the tennis community to organize and promote charitable activities benefiting needy individuals, groups or organizations in our local communities and throughout the world.
  • How do I start a TSO Chapter?
    If you have a few friends, even just two more, who can work together to set up round robins at your local club or at a public court then starting a chapter is possible.
  • How much assistance do I get?
    TSO is guided by Bylaws and a “President’s book” that walks you through all steps including how to recruit members, organizing a charity round robin, conducting meetings, etc. TSO Corporate provides you with a Chapter starter kit and the tools needed to help you connect with other passionate ladies to ultimately help others.

If you are interested in learning more about how to create a Chapter, please fill out the application or contact us at

Chapter Application


Kindly complete the form provided below. Following your submission, you will be contacted to schedule a phone conversation. This conversation aims to address any questions you might have and to gain a better understanding of you and your tennis club or city.

If questions, please contact Carol Walsh, Founder & Chairperson, at