Where does the time go? Another year has passed, and within that year, TSO has accomplished even more! All of this is possible because of you, our fabulous members! In 2017, we came together to play tennis and to help with service projects, and in doing so, we helped more than fourteen different groups serving thousands of people in need. We ended the year with two profound
service projects – Serve A Family (gifts to those in need) and with our new ongoing service project Tennis SUPPLIES Others (bags for the homeless). A list of all our 2017 beneficiaries is outlined below. Collectively we made it happen! You are ALL amazing and I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful group! Here’s a summary of our 2017 Successes:

Wings for Crossover
$10,000 cash donation
Families Forward Round Robin
$400 cash plus hundreds of dollars in
diapers, wipes and formula
Green Dog Foundation
$210 cash donation
Public Law Center
$500 cash donation
Myanmar Education Center
$380 cash donation
Illumination Foundation
$500 cash donation
Pete Brown Jr Tennis League
$1775 cash donation
Ark of San Juan Cap
$600 cash donation (plus a donor
matched this amount as well)
Laura’s House
$500 cash donation
Redwood Empire Food Bank
$440 cash donation
Serve A Family donating to Child Abuse
Protection Services
gifts exceeding $1500 (TSO paid $300)
Tennis SUPPLIES Others – Friendship
Shelter & Family Assistance Ministries
$1000 + toiletries

Casa De Los Pobres
$200 in shirts and socks to
this Tijuana Orphanage
Tijuana Christian Mission
Donate a jacket or blanket – we had two
drives collecting two carloads
Tennis SOLES for Others
Thousands of shoes going to numerous
shelters locally and in Tijuana

In total, TSO donated more than $15,500 in cash plus thousands of dollars in merchandise in 2017! What will 2018 bring in? We will continue to expand our Tennis SOLES for Others program. We will invest thousands in our Tennis SUPPLIES Others program. We will support Chapters, both with membership meetings and round robins, expanding our efforts to support them. And finally, we will all join hands and racquets to play in our annual Wimbledon Gala & Tournament on April 14th. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to stay organized, focused and driven to continuously move forward with our mission to serve others in need. Many thanks to our dedicated Board of Directors: Marcia Patterson, Stacy Gavin, Terry Campbell, Rhonda Buckner, Cathy Bass, and to our newest addition, Melanie Blau, who will be serving as our Corporate Treasurer. And, thank you to our OC President, Jill Behrle, who still attends our corporate board meetings giving invaluable advice and guidance. Most importantly we thank YOU for your membership, for your support, and for your kindness.
Love All,
Carol Walsh, Terry Campbell,
Marcia Patterson, Stacy Gavin,
Rhonda Buckner & Cathy Bass